Ерлан Туруспеков

Dear colleagues, Welcome to the web page kazflora.kz, which is dedicated to developing and replenishing the database "Biodiversity of Flora in Kazakhstan".

The database is developed based on the results of the following activities. Firstly, it was a scientific and technical program 0237/PTF (Program-Targeted Financing) titled "The study of genetic diversity and preservation of genetic resources of endemic, rare and industrially important plant species in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2015-2017, PI - Prof. Y. Turuspekov). Secondly, it was a project АР05131621 (Grant Financing) titled "Information system of molecular genetics and botanical documentation of wild flora in Kazakhstan (2018-2020, PI - Prof. S. Abugalieva). Both activities were supported by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MES RK). The proposed electronic resource was developed by the laboratory of molecular genetics of the Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology SC MES RK (IPBB, www.ipbb.kz). The results of studies within these activities of the IPBB was achieved due to a wide collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction (SC MES RK), two Botanical Gardens – Mangyshlak Experimental Botanical Garden (SC MES RK), and Altai Botanical Garden (SC MES RK), Kazakh National University by al-Farabi, East-Kazakhstan State University by S. Amanzholov, Karaganda State University by E. Buketov, Kazakh Agro-Technical University by S. Seifullin, RSE "National Center for Biotechnology (SC MES RK), and 15 National Nature Parks and State Nature Reservations, which are part of a system of specially protected natural areas of Kazakhstan.

The goal of our scientific and technical research is to create a full-fledged information system, consisting of integrated databases on a molecular genetic and botanical description of endemic, rare, endangered, and economically valuable species of flora of Kazakhstan, for cataloging information, preserving and rational use of genetic resources of plants in Kazakhstan.

I hope that the database will help you find the necessary information on the study of the genetic diversity of Kazakhstan's flora. We ensure you that we will constantly continue to replenish and expand this resource.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Yerlan Turuspekov
Head of Molecular Genetics Laboratory
RSE "Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology"
SC MES RK (Almaty, Kazakhstan)